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Benefits to Employers

                          Leadership Stage Profile/Project System                                                                          

                                                               Benefits to Employers

If an employer is doing a lot of college hiring or is looking for entry-level applicants, the video resume may be a good way to differentiate candidates from one another and also a way to get more qualified people to apply. With a Leadership Stage Profile/Project System  the candidate shows their verbal skills and creativity without the need for the corporate employer to bring them in for an interview.

It is a wasteful thing for a hiring manager when, after bringing in a person who has a fantastic resume, ends up interviewing a candidate who causes them to fall asleep during the interview. Then they get stuck for thirty minutes trying to wrap-it up without seeming rude. One is forced to spend a significant amount of time to disqualify someone who one knows should be disqualified in seconds. Imagine how productive it would be, having a resume and knowing the candidate's personality, before calling them in for an interview?

Leadership Stage Profile/Project System  can streamline the entire recruitment process. Employers can save time overall, by reviewing video before asking potential finalists to travel for interviews. The time it may take to view ten videos is minimal in contrast to the time it may take to conduct ten first interviews.

The idea of having the whole first impression and resume at the touch of a button will definitely improve productivity and reduce the unneeded interviews of applicants that were never going to get the job anyway. It will allow employers to review and access Leadership Stage Profile/Project System  from anywhere in the world, from a hotel room, to an airport, to a hot tub.

Leadership Stage Profile/Project System  allow an employer to get a true sense of a candidate's presence, thinking style, and true interests for the next step in their career. One of the biggest difficulties in recruiting is developing a true understanding of the level of a candidate's professionalism, which can be judged within seconds through a Leadership Stage Profile/Project.

The Leadership Stage Profile/Project System  is a cost effective screening tool that will allow employers to eliminate first round interviews by being able to view an applicant's energy, mannerisms, confidence level, and communication abilities. Video interviews save worldwide employers money on travel costs, especially in the tech industry, where job candidates often live overseas. Leadership Stage Profile/Project System  can help employers establish a more complete overall impression of the applicant without ever having to leave their computer.

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