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Blacklist Candidates

1.To inform the HR fraternity about such candidates who "vanish" on the day of joining after committing, accepting, negotiating for days the offer made to them ultimately impacting the business as a whole. 

2.To inform the details to the company/consultants/coaches about such candidates who are just "exploring opportunities" & never serious about jobs/changes. 

3.To give a serious message to such candidates who feels they can get away easily by showing shameless & unprofessional attitude, behaviour.

It's a request all such HR professionals/coaches to share details of such candidates so fellow industry members can keep a track of such candidates & save time, efforts, business losses etc. for all. 

We leave to all to take moral responsibility while sharing details & not to spoil genuine candidates careers...

Send the below details:-
1.Name of the Candidate
2.Father's Name
3. Qualification
4. Candidate present company ( experienced) / College,University details( fresher)
5.Phone number and email id of the candidate
6. Photo (jpeg format)
7. Address and id proof/ details
8. Reason for blacklisting 
9.Your company name
10.Coach/Consultant Name
11.Official email id/phone number

-   blacklist.candidate@leadershipstage.co.in

* If your company /consultancy/coaching institute wants to get Blacklisted Candidate Details/updates.

Time:- Once a  Month

To register with us 

Please send  ( Your company name,address,HR head/Manager name, phone number, official email id ) it to:- 


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