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Leadershipstage.co.in is a video-enhanced professional online networking website that gives its users a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd. 

Job candidate users can create a Leadership Stage Profile/Project System page, which they can upload their resume information in a streamlined format in order to make the biggest impact possible on potential employers. Users can also upload other files to this Leadership Stage Profile/Project System  such as a Microsoft Word document resume, or files that would be appropriate to show off as a portfolio (designs, certificates, photos, drawings, etc.) Once users have uploaded all appropriate information to their professional page, they are encouraged to create a video resume.

 A Leadership Stage Profile is a brief (180 Seconds or so) video-autobiography of sorts, with which one can convey information that cannot be conveyed with words. A person's maturity, drive, passion for what they do, articulation and ability to work well with a team are some of the characteristics that can easily be portrayed by use of a Leadership Stage Profile/Project System (and not necessarily with a paper resume). For all intents and purposes, by the time a hiring manager has seen one's high-quality Leadership Stage Profile, the candidate has essentially had his or her first interview. Users can upload their own Leadership Stage Profile if they wish (by using a webcam or other equipment if they have it), or leadershipstage can help. leadershipstage has a staff of professional videographers who will coach users, film them at any of our many partners' locations, edit the video recording, and upload it to leadershipstage.co.in to create a Leadership Stage Profile/Project System of exceptional quality for a nominal fee. Users can control their privacy settings to be

1.) Viewable by everyone,

2.) Viewable by established contacts only,


3.) Password protected.

Users can broadcast their professional page by copying their
personal link and sending it out to contacts, or they can purchase and distribute "Focus+ Cards," which are CDs that come in the size and shape of a business card and that include all of the information that is on their leadershipstage professional page. Focus+ Cards currently cost Rs.50 each, although that price will go down overtime. Other targeted users including recruiters, and company hiring managers, can browse job candidate users' virtual resumes, and search for potential employees to interview based on relevant criteria. Users can also network with each other via text, real-time chat, video messaging, or real-time video conferencing with leadershipstage. Leadershipstage also has a job boards on which open positions are posted from throughout the web. In other words, all the listings from Monster, naukri, and so on, can be found at once on leadershipstage.co.in, in addition to the listings posted directly to leadershipstage.

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