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Discriminatory Doubts

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                   Discriminatory Doubts 

Some employers are wary about anything that exposes information related to race, gender, or disability that would affect the hiring decision. (leadershipstage will have a disclaimer that applicants will sign that will alleviate any worry employers may have watching Leadership Stage Profile regarding the potential for lawsuits).

Discrimination is discrimination regardless of when it happens in the hiring process - i.e. when an employer does a telephone interview, in-person interview or after seeing a short video clip - trying to eradicate a problem by reducing the access to information is not going to make people behave more responsibly.

One could argue that the phone accelerates discrimination, but could we ban the use of the phone in the recruitment process? It is a ridiculous suggestion. A responsible, professional client will make every effort to achieve diversity within the workforce. Leadershipstage will follow Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) guidelines and will also allow employers to block off the visual of the video profile and simply play the audio version, if the candidate/ employer are concerned about discrimination).

If a recruiter or employer will be prejudiced about a person on a Leadership Stage Profile, then they will be prejudiced about that candidate when they show up in person. Withholding information will not eradicate the problem of discrimination and racism. A racist employer is not one that anybody wants to work for; no applicant would want to waste time going to interview at that particular company.

Leadership Stage Profile/Project System  should be thought of just like any other step in the recruitment process and should not be in conflict with the arguments of racism. Whether it be an initial telephone conversation with the candidate or a face-to-face interview, all employers must abide by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Act. Ultimately, if an employer uses video resumes in the right way, while abiding by anti-discrimination laws, they are at no risk and will enjoy the benefits of a faster, more elegant and productive recruiting process.

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